Athens Candidates For Mayor Give Solutions

Fred Kight

Updated Fri, Oct 7, 2011 11:31 am

In just a few weeks, voters in several cities in Southeast Ohio will go to the polls to pick a new mayor.

One of those cities is Athens, where the choice is between Paul Wiehl and Randy Morris.

The two candidates recently fielded questions from reporters at a forum.

One of the questions was - what is Athens' most pressing problem and how would you deal with it?

Wiehl says the problem is the city's infrastructure needs.

"The resources to address that infrastructure are the most pressing problem," he says. " We do not have enough resources.  We'll never have enough resources."

Wiehl says, "I've been pretty much devoting on large projects.  That's the solution -- focus on ones that need to be done and work systematically through them."

Morris says Athens has many problems but his response focused on one - citizen complaints about lack of law enforcement.

"Specifically, trash and litter", he says.  "There have been some efforts - not successfull - to address these issues but I think that's the thing that's bothering your average citizen of Athens right now."

"This problem and all problems need to be addressed in a way that's constructive," says Morris.

Morris is a Republican.

Wiehl is the incumbent and a Democrat.