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Thursdays at 9 p.m. and midnight.  Repeat Mondays at 4 a.m!
Awakening from a Dream (Amanecer de un Sueno)  
At the tender age of eight Marcel is abandoned by his mother. He is raised by his grandfather, Pascual, who introduces him to a world of fantasy and gives him the love and care that his mother couldn’t. When Marcel turns twenty-one, he believes the time has come to live on his own. He’s got plans with his girlfriend and feels ready to leave his home.At the same time, Pascual has become very old, and starts showing the symptoms of a disease that will dramatically affect Marcel’s plans. He must chose to leave or stay to take care of the only relative that ever loved him and cared for him. The choice is far from simple, between his grandfather and his love, in this critically acclaimed, tender, coming-of-age story from the crossroads of desire, devotion and love.  Directed by Freddy Mas Franqueza, 2009, color.  In Spanish with English subtitles.
The Most Distant Course  
This critically acclaimed romantic love story with a twist portrays three broken hearts that converge by destiny; A heartbroken out of work sound technician can’t get over the girl who leaves him without a word. He collects sounds on tape and sends them to her. A girl name Ryo receives the tapes by accident. She is involved with a married man, but temptation leads her to track down the tapes sender because the sounds continue to echo in her head. Meanwhile, a recently divorced psychiatrist embarks on a soul-searching journey and meets the sound technician. Will these three lonely souls eventually find the place that is closest to their hearts? Winner of the Special Jury Award at Tokyo IFF and winner of the Venice IFF renowned Critic’s Week Award, this hip youthful film is both timeless as it’s emotional impact is universal; a contemporary tale about the search for love, anda place to belong next to another human being.  Directed by Lin Jing-Jie, 2008, color.  In Mandarin with English subtitles.
A boy and a girl, high school teenagers, want to get away from the world and be alone for an afternoon, so they hide in an abandoned factory on the outskirts of town. While there, they fall in a trap of their own intention, and get stuck in a cargo elevator. There is no one around to hear them, and nobody knows where they are. Tension arises after each failed attempt to escape, as they must deal with the fact that their entire universe is now reduced to a metal box smaller than a room.  Directed by George Dorobantu, 2009, color.  In Romanian with English subtitles.
Midsummer Madness  
Midsummer Madness is a quirky romantic comedy set in Latvia, the former Soviet republic, on the shortest night of the year. The whole country is going crazy on midsummer night when Curt, a young American, arrives in Riga, and the festivities are about to start. He’s there to look for his Latvian half-sister and hates the place from the moment they fingerprint him at the airport. He sure as hell doesn’t feel like
partying, but somehow, events of the night, and a very persuasive taxi driver make him see things differently, so much so that by the morning he doesn’t bat an eyelid when he sees a kangaroo being wheeled into a hospital for treatment. A classic, slapstick, comedy of errors, from arguably the most vibrant filmmaking hotspots in today’s Europe.  Directed by Alexander Hahn, 2007, color.  In English, Latvian, Russian and French with English subtitles
When Hildur – a beautiful high society girl and a regular guest in the national celebrity press – finds out that her boyfriend Jolli is about to go to jail, she realizes she has to learn to stand on her own two feet and quickly. Hildur possessing no skills that she knows of, or any practical experience, tries to find work without success. She’s about to give up when by pure coincidence she lands a job selling role playing books and accessories at the local popular fantasy-shop Astropia. From that moment her life is forever fantastically transformed…  Directed by Gunnar B. Gudmundsson, 2008, color.  In Icelandic with English subtitles.