Adventure Galley Getting Make-over

Fred Kight

Updated Sat, Dec 31, 2011 11:13 am

The Ohio River Museum in Marietta is doing another history make-over.

Now that phase one of the W.P. Snyder steamboat restoration is done, it's time to work on the Adventure Galley.

Jean Yost is chairman of the group that manages the Ohio River Museum and he explains that the Galley is a flatboat, a replica of the one used by the pioneers.

Restoration of the boat will allow the Museum to continue telling the story of how Marietta got its start and the westward expansion of the United States.

Yost says the Adventure Galley project will cost only about $1500, thanks to donated materials and volunteer labor, which otherwise would add approximately $20,000 to the price.

It should be finished this spring.

Friends is a non-profit organization that manages both the Ohio River Museum and the Campus Martius Museum on behalf of the Ohio Historical Society.

The W.P. Snyder has had the hull replaced.

Next, they'll refurbish the upper deck and Yost says that should happen next summer.

They've already got $750,000 for that but Yost says another $150,000 is needed before the project can proceed.