Kennedy Museum Showcases High School Talent

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Visitors to the Kennedy Museum of Art have the chance to see 20 unique images from local high school students.

Ten students from each of the digital photography classes at Athens High School and Federal Hocking High School had their work selected as part of the show, called Emerging Artists: High School Photography Exhibition.

Lisa Quinn and Sally Delgato helped coordinate the program, reaching out to teachers from both schools. This is the first time the event has been held, and they hope to do it again with other schools as well.

This the second recent exhibition to feature student work. Crooksville Exempted schools had an art show last fall in collaboration with the College of Education. The works were then auctioned off to help raise money for art supplies for the school. The show featured a wide range of students, from elementary school level on up, and directly inspired the Emerging Artists program, according to Quinn.

"Photography is deceptively simple," said Kennedy Museum of Art Director Edward Pauley. "This shows shows that it is something much more."

Athens High School freshman Jenni Huber recreated a Annie Leibowitz photograph by using her sister as a model. "I have always loved photography," she said. "I love old pictures, because they allow me to look into the past."

Several of the students are looking to continue their photography careers. Federal Hocking sophomore Sarah Keirns, whose photo of a rhino at the Columbus Zoo is hanging near the exhibit’s entrance, intends to make a living from her photographs.

"I think I’m really good at it and can express myself," she said. "I would love to open my own business someday."

Another Federal Hocking student, sophomore Jonah Preuss-Burge, said his interest in photography motivated him to save his money for his own camera.

Athens High School photography teacher Martie Rector is glad these students have the opportunity to have their work shown on this scale.

"It is important for them [the students] to be recognized for their work," she said. "To be encouraged, and hopefully continue into a career. It was great to see students' work in a museum such as this."

Federal Hocking teachers Sonja Coble and Ellen Hadley asked students in the newly created Digital Photography class to submit their favorite pictures. Ninety photos were submitted, and the teachers narrowed it down to 35. The photos were then sent to a jury, who selected the final 10 that were included in the show.

"This show is a way to honor the students’ work," said Hadley. "It’s great for them to sit down and pick out what they want to see on the wall of a museum."

Emerging Artists: High School Photography will be at the Christine Demler Brown Center for Art on the second floor of the Kennedy Museum of Art through April 8. Visit for more information.