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On Story
Saturdays at 8:30 p.m.
The new half-hour series will focus on the inspiration and creative process at the conception of the filmmaking process. ON STORY will include interviews and footage from leading screenwriters and filmmakers discussing their craft and films, recorded at past Austin Film Festival panels and screenings. Each episode will pair these conversations with a short film from an emerging filmmaker; these shorts have previously screened at the Austin Film Festival. ON STORY's executive producer is Austin Film Festival co-founder and Executive Director Barbara Morgan.
February 4
Writing to evoke emotion is discussed by the creative minds behind LETHAL WEAPON, KISS KISS BANG BANG and SECRETARIAT. Featuring Shane Black, Randall Wallace, and Lawrence Kasdan. Film: Northeast Front by Angela Torres Camerenea.
February 11
The challenges of creating fantastical world and getting the audience to suspend their disbelief are discussed by the creative minds behind STAR TREK, TRANSFORMERS, EL MARIACHI, and WATCHMEN. Featuring David Hayter, Robert Orci, Damon,Lindelof, and Robert Rodriguez. Film: Tadpoles by Miguel Alvarez.
February 18 
Comedy in film is discussed by the creative minds behind TO DIE FOR, THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION, and THE HANGOVER. Featuring Harold Ramis, Judd Apatow, Buck Henry, and Jon Lucas. Film: Sleep Study by Kerri Lendo and John Merriman and My Biggest Weakness by Bradley Jackson.
February 25  
Academy Award winning films are discussed by the creative minds behind APOLLO 13, SCHINDLER’S LIST, and A BEAUTIFUL MIND. Featuring Ron Howard and Steve Zaillian. Film: Red Wednesday by Nazanin Shirazi