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Broadcast in French
Based on the series of books by the legendary Belgian crime writer Georges Simenon, these detective stories feature the mythic character Maigret. Each murder is investigated by Maigret in his own singular unhurried manner, leading inevitably to the truth. Which he often finds in the least likely place. Deeply embedded in their environment whether Paris, Belgium or the French countryside, these films are a worthy tribute to one of the most famous detectives of the century.
The Man on the Bench
Next Airdate: Tuesday April 3, 9:00 pm
Episode Description: It should be easy enough to identify a man knifed just off a busy boulevard at the height of rush hour – but his wife doesn't recognize his shoes! And that's just the beginning of the surprises for Inspector Maigret. Directed by Etienne Perier, 1993, color. In French with English subtitles.
Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses
Next Airdate: Tuesday April 10, 9:00 pm
Episode Description: Though a drunken bargeman hears shots from a riverside house, none of the seven people in the house corroborate the story — of course, one of the passengers is dead! Nobody's talking to Inspector Maigret, who must navigate this particularly difficult case. Directed by Michel Sibra, 1993, color. In French with English subtitles.
Maigret and the Ghost
Next Airdate: Tuesday April 17, 9:00 pm
Episode Description: After a hardluck colleague is shot while on a private mission in Finland, Inspector Maigret sets out to unravel multiple mysteries on foreign soil, aided by a bilingual Finnish cop. Where is the missing mistress? Who are the art collector's nocturnal visitors? And how do these mysteries connect to the dead police officer? Directed by Hannu Kahakorpi, 1996, color. In French with English subtitles.
Maigret and the #1 Lock
Next Airdate: Tuesday April 24, 9:00 pm
Episode Description: Maigret must find the connection between the mugging of a rich businessman, the suicide of the businessman's son and the murder of the keeper of the #1 Lock. The key may lie with simple-minded Aline, who lives near the lock. Directed by Oliver Schatzky, 1994, color. In French with English subtitles.