Tracks Ahead

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Tracks Ahead
The newest 13-part magazine-style series explores every aspect of the railroads of the world. You'll see railroad prototypes, models, personalities and lore covering not only the railways and modelers of the past, but of the present and future. Explore everything involved with railroading, from model trains and museums to collectors and authors. The stories intrigue a variety of viewers, while walking a middle line between technical and general information. Hosted by Spencer Christian.
April 7
Adobe Mountain Railroad Park 
Visit one of the largest model railroad clubs in the country where you’ll find a gauge for everyone; visit a mountain top in the Peach State where a husband and wife have built a dream layout; ride an Idaho rail line up the scenic gorge of the Payette River; and look in at a huge 7 and a half inch gauge railroad operation.
April 14
Western Pacific Railroad Museum 
Travel with Tracks Ahead into the Sierra Nevada mountains to visit a museum dedicated to the Western Pacific Railroad; see a G gauge layout especially adapted to the harsh Arizona climate; visit a great European collection and layout; and visit a New England tourist destination which started life as a sled dog ranch.
April 21
California Zephyr 
Ride the route of the California Zephyr; look at a layout that uses some very special equipment in its operations; go to Dearborn, Michigan to visit The Henry Ford museum and railroad; and ride through the scenic lakes region of New Hampshire.
April 28
Trans Siberian Railroad, Part 1 
Take a ride on the longest rail line on the planet; visit an Arizona man who has built a tribute to his native New York; go to Cincinnati and visit a museum that is a testament to a childhood dream; and meet a man who never met a model train gauge he didn’t like.
May 5
Trans Siberian Railroad, Part 2 
Tracks Ahead journeys through Russia over the more than 6,000 miles of the Trans-Siberian Railroad on the luxurious Golden Eagle train. Highlights include a 1,000 year-old city on the Volga River, Ulan Bator--the capital of Mongolia, villages near the world's largest freshwater lake, and Moscow. The Trans-Siberian tracks connect the far eastern port city of Vladivostok with Moscow, stretching from the Baltic to the Pacific and forming a vital link between Russia's vast regions. The journey also introduces the Golden Eagle, a Russian luxury train launched in 2007. Spencer Christian hosts.