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Vanguard Cinema
10:15 PM & 12:15 Midnight ET
Here  (TVPG)
Reeling from the sudden death of his wife, He Zhiyuan, a middle-aged man who struggles to make sense of his reality, loses the will to speak and is interned at the Island Mental Hospital. As he adjusts to life within, he is selected for an experimental treatment, which, using video therapy, forces him to confront the devastating truth behind his past, present, and future… Directed by Ho Tzu Nyen, 2009.  In English.
Landscape No. 2  (TV14)
A high production value, classic heist thriller in the tradition of “Inside Man” and “No Country for Old Men,” Landscape… tells the story of two burglars; Sergej and Polde who steal a valuable painting “Landscape No.2”. By coincidence Sergej also takes a mysterious document dating back to the end of World War II that may hide secrets that the owner of the painting desperately wants to hide, and may reveal the true origins of the paintings as well. A special agent/hit man is hired to recover the stolen painting and more importantly the document, triggering a life and death chase through the Balkan countryside. The burglars gradually discover the diabolic origins of the painting and its relationship to the document, resulting in revelations with unexpected consequences. By the time the burglars realize the truth, it may already be too late. Cinematography by legendary Serbian director of photography; Dusan Joksimovic (Underground, Luna Papa). Landscape No.2 continues to play US film festivals in 2009 towards release date, including Philadelphia International and Miami International Film Festivals!  Directed by Vinko Moderndorfer, 2008.  In Slovenian with English subtitles.  
1888: The Extraordinary Voyage of Jules Verne  (TV14)
1888 is the modern retelling of Jules Verne’s voyage on the Santa Isabel. Jules Verne joins world-renowned Italian explorer Stradelli, in an expedition up the South American river of Orinoco. The enormity of the Amazonian jungle and the length of the river turns them into excited little boys.  Along the way they pickup a young stranger- a woman disguised as a man, searching for her lost father.  As they ascend up the river the world around them gets more surreal, and events unfold that threaten the very life of the greatest story teller of his time – Jules Verne must survive to tell this last extraordinary tale. Directed by Alfredo Anzola, 2005.  In Spanish with English subtitles.
Johan  (TVPG)
What happens when your whole family is crazy about soccer and you’re not? Johan (played by 24-year-old Dutch heartthrob rock singer Michiel Huisman) is the eleventh male child in a family of soccer players. The boys make up a complete soccer team, but Johan defies them all by wanting to be a singer. Instead of practicing dribbling and headers, Johan would rather listen to music with his mother. When he meets his neighborhood beauty Evy, it seems like he may have found a companion, until she falls for a soccer star, his brother Johnny. When Johnny and Evy become a celebrity size couple – a-la Beckham & Posh, Johan must realize his own dreams elsewhere. Johan is a high end music filled trip to soccer crazy Europe, a romantic coming-of-age comedy, about finding your voice.  Directed by Nicole Van Kilsdonk, 2006.  In Dutch with English subtitles.