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Bethany Venable

Updated Mon, Jul 2, 2012 9:14 am

As cleanup efforts are underway following a second storm Sunday evening, WOUB News is collecting the region's storm stories and photos.

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Help us share with others how things look in your neck of the woods following the damaging and devastating round of weekend storms.


Slideshow: Storm Damage In Southeast Ohio


Evan Shaw tweeted this picture to @woubnews: "bike path is almost impassable. trees like this all over the place."

Kaitlyn Getz tweeted @woubnews this picture of a sidewalk: "it took the pavement with it."

Allison Hunter

This tree fell on the car driving by on the corner of East State Street and College Street in Athens.

Allison Hunter

Crews attempt to free a car that a tree fell on as the motorist drove by Friday night.

Allison Hunter

A tree falls next to the Athens City building, blocking traffic on Washington Street, following severe weather June 29.

Allison Hunter

A fallen tree takes down a City of Athens street banner.

Some residents' property damage was limited to a few scattered branches.

While for others, whole branches came down in Friday's storm.

American Electric Power reports 80 mph winds ripped through the state Friday night.

The force shredded some mature trees.

In some places, whole trees were uprooted and fell across roadways.  Residents were forced to cut branches in order to clear the way.

A mature tree is uprooted following Friday's storm, taking a nearby flowerbed with it.

The Plains sign on State Route 682 also took a hit, bending from the force of the wind.

Crews caravan early Monday morning to repair locations.

Repair trucks gathered at the Athens County Fairgrounds.

A large number of out-of-state repair trucks headquartered at the Athens County Fairgrounds late Sunday night.

Fallen tree limbs litter gravesites at the West Union Street Cemetery in Athens.

This tree, in from of the Ohio University Inn and Conference Center, was uprooted by the storm.

Xueying Luo
Xueying Luo

An uprooted tree near University Commons apartment complex in Athens.

Xueying Luo

A tree limb crashed into a car parked near University Commons apartment complex.