The Doha Debates

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The Doha Debates
Sundays at 11 a.m.

The Doha Debates are a unique venture in the Arab world, providing a battleground for conflicting opinions and arguments about the major political topics of the region.

While governments around the world tighten restrictions on press freedom, the Doha Debates openly dissect the vital issues of the Middle East in front of its people and on global TV.

For the first time in their life, many young Arabs are having their say on key political questions – challenging politicians and experts face to face.

They engage in time-honoured rivalry – where the only weapons are words.
They practice the art of peaceful disagreement: understanding and respecting different views.

It’s a new reality.  A new way forward.  Chaired by the award-winning former BBC correspondent and interviewer Tim Sebastian.  Broadcast in English.
Topics include:

9/2 – This House believes the family is a major obstacle to reform in the Arab world.
9/16 – This House believes Hezbollah had no right to fight a war on Lebanon’s behalf.
9/23 – Doha Debates Special Event with Amre Moussa.
9/30 – Doha Debate Special Event with Shimon Peres.