Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Owners Required To Register

Yingchi Wei

Updated Thu, Sep 27, 2012 1:13 pm

Dangerous wild animal owners in Ohio have a little more than a month to register their creatures or face criminal charges.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture wants exotic animal owners to register before November 5.

The registration is required by a new state law passed in June, which became effective September 5.

The new law regulates the ownership, sale and permitting of dangerous wild animals and restricted snakes.

It prohibits any person from buying, selling or trading a dangerous wild animal or allowing a dangerous wild animal or restricted snake to roam off the property where it is confined, or knowingly releasing a dangerous wild animal or restricted snake into the wild.

Failure to register animals by the deadline can result in a first degree misdemeanor for the first offense and fifth degree felony for each subsequent offence, according to the law.

Owners who do not register their animals on time will not be able to apply for a permit to keep the creatures past January 1, 2014.

Possession of all dangerous wild animals and restricted snakes will be prohibited after 2014, unless the individual is exempted under the law or is granted a permit by the department.