Majestic Galleries Wraps Up 2012 Season With Holiday Show

Katie Bruhn

Updated Thu, Nov 29, 2012 1:11 pm
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Majestic Galleries
"Expanse (swept by you, by the sea)" by Danielle Wyckoff

Majestic Galleries will present the Members' Holiday Show, its final exhibition of 2012, on Nov. 30 as part of Nelsonville's Final Fridays.

The artist-run co-op has 18 active members hailing from the Nelsonville, Athens, Logan, Lancaster, Marietta and Parkersburg areas. Since opening in 2003, the Majestic has had over 50 members and plans to increase membership in the coming year.

Monthly shows at the Majestic usually feature solo exhibits. However, in order to highlight the diversity and breadth of its members, the Holiday Show will feature the work of all 18 artists.

Kathy Guest, a member from Hocking County, works primarily with paper and will be featuring molded paper faces. These faces are based on life casts of Kathy’s grandchildren and represent her interest in the ability to manipulate both the surface and spatial qualities of paper.

Dennis Savage, also from Hocking County, works primarily with photography. Savage's work usually relates to Southeastern Ohio and its ancient history. For the Holiday Show, he will display work created using a pinhole camera.

Danielle Wyckoff, a 2010 graduate of Ohio University’s MFA program, will display two pieces, both lithographs on handmade paper. These pieces, entitled Expanse (you were always leaving) and Expanse (swept by you, by the sea), are images of swimmers or people in and out of water.

Wyckoff states that the figures represented in her work serve as metaphors. In these images, the sensation of being in water is equated with being in love.

Pat Wolf of Athens will display four works that are part of an ongoing series of "cup" paintings. Ron Kroutel, also of Athens, will present part of a series of eight pastels of the Hocking River, representing different seasons of the year.

The exhibit will run through Dec. 23. Visit for more information.

Slideshow: Majestic Galleries 2012 Holiday Show

Majestic Galleries

Ann's Cup, Pat Wolf

Majestic Galleries

Blue Delft, Pat Wolf

Majestic Galleries

Czech Cup, Pat Wolf

Majestic Galleries

Purple Mug, Pat Wolf

Majestic Galleries

Dream of Confusion, Kathy Guest

Majestic Galleries

Dream of Falling and Flying, Kathy Guest

Majestic Galleries

Guest 2, Kathy Guest

Majestic Galleries

Mood Lamp, Kathy Guest

Majestic Galleries

Swept By You By The Sea, Danielle Wyckoff

Majestic Galleries

Hocking River I 300, Ron Kroutel

Majestic Galleries

Hocking River VII 300, Ron Kroutel

Majestic Galleries

Sun Worshipper, Dennis Savage