Collaboration And Peacebuilding In International Peace Parks

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On this edition of Conversations from Studio B, WOUB’s Director and General Manager Tom Hodson talks with Todd Walters, the Founder and Executive Director of International Peace Park Expeditions.

International Peace Park Expeditions is an organization that applies experiential learning within international peace parks to foster an interdisciplinary approach to leadership and collaboration.

“We work in trans-boundary protected areas, or international peace parks, around the world – where multiple countries are collaborating around managing an ecosystem. We use experiential learning through an expedition style framework to bring students and practitioners out into the field to be able to experience, first hand, the connection and the linkage between all of these cross disciplinary fields which come together in international peace parks”, says Walters.

In addition to fostering collaboration between nations, Walters aims to build a peace park network – all the while supporting local communities.

Walters was in Athens to present a lecture at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs on “Transboundary Environmental Peacebuilding and Conflict Assessment”.