House Parties Shut Down Early During Weekend Fest

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Athens City Police shut down 14 of the 17 house parties during the weekend's annual street festival.

Saturday's attendance at High Fest, an event thrown by Ohio University students on High Street in Athens, was higher than usual due in part to the excellent weather.

Athens Chief of Police, Officer Tom Pyle, said regarding the event, “I guess we would call it a typical High Fest event.” 

He described High Fest as “one of the smaller fests” at OU and felt the police were prepared to deal with any chaos.

Officer Pyle said that police would be taking extra precautions such as calling in additional forces for the more extreme festivals such as April's Palmer Fest. 

“We will treat it like Halloween,” Pyle said.

Due to the small size of the event, police did not keep numbers of arrests exclusive to the High Fest activities.  Police did allocate that there was not a significant reported number of assaults or fights.

“Everyone was compliant with our request to shut their parties down.” Pyle said. 

Police began breaking up parties in violation of nuisance party ordinance around 6:30 that evening and ultimately shut the street event down at 8 p.m.