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MHz presents Cinema Ireland, a wide array of independent film representing producers from throughout all of the island, with the support of Irish Film Board and Northern Ireland Screen.

June 5: Cinema Ireland: Balymun Lullaby  (TV14)
Ballymun Flats, the Republic of Ireland's only highrise community was created in the 1960s to solve a housing crisis. Since then, social and economic issues associated with the address have led to prejudice against its residents, many of whom have been forced out of their homes due to redevelopment. Yet the community's sense of hope and perseverance shines, as seen in this inspiring documentary following music teacher Ron Cooney and the kids of the Ballymun Music Programme through the creation of a choral and orchestral album. While the film focuses on the incredible talent behind the project, it also gives us a glimpse into the lives of these young artists who have learned to overcome the limitations imposed by others.  Directed by Frank Berry, 2011, color.  In English.

June 12: Cinema Ireland: Pyjama Girls  (TV14)
It's a phenomenon that began in Dublin andspread far and wide. Yet the girls who wearpyjamas as daywear, all day everyday, aren'tinterested in grabbing attention.Pyjama Girls traces the intense and explosivemicro-dramas of teenage life against the bleak backdrop of Dublin's inner city flats. In the booming, crashing world of the flats, it's the boys who make themselves heard. Meanwhile, the pyjama girls express themselves through the visual language of young women – clothes and fashion – in candy pinks, hot purples and brushed cotton: a soft, silent revolution.  Directed by Maya Derrington, 2010, color.  In English.

June 19: Cinema Ireland: Snap  (TV14)
Sandra struggles to piece together and defend what happened three years earlier, when her 15-year-old son snatched a toddler from the park and held him captive for five days in his grandfather's house. She has agreed to do this on camera – filmed, as we later discover, by the young man in question. But her son will use their shared ordeal to extract another story from his mother, one that goes a long way towards explaining what he did. Directed by Carmel Winters, 2010, color.  In English.

June 26: Cinema Ireland: Eden  (TV14)
Set in a thriving midlands town, Eden tells the story of a week in the lives of Billy and Breda Farrell as they approach their 10th wedding anniversary. Breda is determined that the milestone will re-ignite the passion in their marriage. Billy, on the other hand, has developed an obsession with Imelda Egan, a pretty but unobtainable local young thing, and convinced himself that the coming weekend will see them become lovers under the eyes of everyone. As the date draws closer Billy's behaviour becomes more and more chaotic, while Breda's frustrations crystallise and find more mature, high-risk expression. Produced by David Collins, 2008, color.  In English.