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The high-performance Wild! Series is back … now in all High Definition!
Now the incredible stories of nature and wildlife will be seen in stunning high definition episodes, all new for viewers.


June 14 – Africa’s Secret Seven
In this film we see the behavior of the serval, aardvark, pangolin, genet, african wildcat, civet and porcupine – as they furtively go about their top-secret activities. Each story introduces us to one of these animals, gives us a privileged glimpse into their extremely private lives and their particular adaptations for life in the dangerous wilderness, where they battle against tremendous odds. We witness how each one cunningly outwits the super-predators in its own special way, with extra-sharp senses and other strategies for survival.

June 21 – Camels Empire
Camels have walked our planet for forty five million years and have learned to colonize some of the harshest environments on earth. This documentary explores the surprisingly wide range of the camel family, re-tracing their family history to reveal the qualities that make them so resilient, and examines our relationship with these ancient beasts and the role camels played in shaping the foundations of human society.

June 28 – The Great Elephant Gathering
This film captures the stunning natural phenomenon of wild Sri Lankan elephants assembling in large numbers every year, a behavior found in very few places around the world. But with a dwindling elephant population and the encroachment of their natural habitat and food by an expanding human population, the gathering could be under threat. Deadly clashes ensue between man and beast, as they fight over land that farmers have set aside for crops; a fight which the elephants will surely lose.