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Thursday, July 11 • 10 p.m.

According to the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, of the world's nearly 14 million refugees, more than 7 million have languished in refugee camps for ten years or more, some for generations. Life in the camps is one of restricted mobility, enforced idleness, and dependency – a human warehouse where lives are on indefinite hold. Although the international community tries to find durable solutions to their plight, less than 1% are ever offered a chance of resettlement. HOME ACROSS LANDS is a documentary that explores the journey of resettlement though the work of the International Institute of Rhode Island as it guides and empowers a group of Kunama refugees making the transition from life in the Shimelba Refugee Camp in Northern Ethiopia to their new home in America. The film features a wide array of visual landscapes and interviews from the arid Shimelba Refugee Camp in Ethiopia to the Spring House Hotel on Block Island. The diversity of these images help to illustrate the journey of the Kunama and the scope of their relationship with International Institute. By presenting a straightforward visual portrait of this partnership at work we experience how the Kunama make sense of apartment living, public transportation, employment and health care, while nurturing and maintaining their own community and adapting to a larger and very foreign one.