Police Arrest More Than 40 At Millfest

Athens Messenger staff reports

Updated Mon, Mar 17, 2014 5:11 pm
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Tessa Brediger

More than 40 arrests were made on Saturday during the first unsanctioned street festival of the year.

The Athens Police Department arrested 12 people during Millfest, and the Ohio Investigative Unit arrested 36 people on 55 charges.

Most parties were over 8:30 p.m., according to Ron Lucas, city public information officer in a news release.

"Charges were mostly alcohol related offenses, but there was one marijuana related offense (reported by Athens police)," Lucas said in the release, released Saturday night.

One felony offense, assault of a police officer, was reported. The state investigative unit reported three marijuana-related offenses.

The Athens County Emergency Medical Service responded to five calls for assistance, according to the release. Four people were transported to O’Bleness Memorial Hospital.

The Athens Fire Department did not respond to any calls in the area.

The Ohio University Police Department, the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and assisted with response to the fest.

Millfest was the first unsanctioned street festival of the year. Highfest occurs on March 22 and Palmerfest, the largest of the three, occurs on March 29.