Forecast: Clear and Calm

WOUB Weather Staff
Brayden Murdock

Updated Mon, Sep 22, 2014 7:41 pm


The high pressure will continue to bring clear skies and calm conditions throughout the week.

Skies remain clear tonight, bringing some fog throughout the region.

On Wednesday, temperatures will begin to warm up, with highs upper 70s.

The high pressure over the region will move toward the coast by Thursday, but skies will remain clear with highs nearing 80 to end the week and start the weekend.



TONIGHT:  Mostly clear, chance of fog. | LOW: 37°

TUESDAY: Sunny skies with morning fog. | HIGH: 73° | LOW: 46°

WEDNESDAY: Sunny skies. | HIGH: 79°| LOW: 48°

THURSDAY: Sunny skies. | HIGH: 79° | LOW: 49°

FRIDAY: Sunny skies | HIGH: 82° | LOW: 50°

SATURDAY: Sunny skies. | HIGH: 83° | LOW: 51°

SUNDAY: Sunny skies. | HIGH: 83°| LOW: 54°