Forecast: Showers Tonight with Some Wind Chill

WOUB Weather Staff
Brayden Murdock

Updated Fri, Oct 31, 2014 7:55 pm

Tonight the region will see more rain showers, but things will stay warm enough to prevent snow flurries.

Windchill will increase through the night causing temperatures to feel about 10 degrees colder.

The chance of rain persists into Saturday, with scattered showers, specifically in the morning and early afternoon hours.

Once the cold front passes, high pressure will moved in for the rest of Saturday and into Sunday. This means sunnier skies and drier conditions to start next week.

Temperatures will rise into the 60s again by Tuesday, but rain showers that night and into Wednesday will cause temperatures to drop for the remainder of the week.


TONIGHT: Showers with windchill. | LOW: 36°

SATURDAY: Showers in the morning. Breezy. | HIGH: 45° | LOW: 32°

SUNDAY: Sunny. | HIGH: 47°| LOW: 25°

MONDAY: Sunny. | HIGH: 58°| LOW: 37°

TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy, slight chance of nighttime showers  | HIGH: 64° | LOW: 44°

WEDNESDAY: Overcast skies. Chance of rain. | HIGH: 58° | LOW: 41°

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny. | HIGH: 56° | LOW: 33°