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Business support makes a difference!

Your business can help sustain quality programming.

Underwriting, which is business sponsorship for programming, helps to show local business commitment for public media.

People are bombarded with advertising messages every day. People tune in to public media is to get away from the clutter that commercial programming offers. Public media programs offer programs that people can enjoy without having to filter out suggestive marketing messages.

Companies benefit from being associated with public television and radio. Almost 85% of consumers believe that supporting public television creates a positive image for sponsors. Nearly 75% of PBS viewers believe that PBS sponsors are committed to quality and excellence. Almost two-thirds of PBS and NPR viewers and listeners are more likely to purchase the product or service of a PBS or NPR underwriter. (Source: Cone/Roper Worldwide; PBS image study)

Underwriting simply provides support from a business in a non-threatening way.

Because public media does not have as many sponsors as commercial television, your message will have a greater impact. Underwriting helps continue a tradition to continue quality, commercial-free programming. The diverse programming on WOUB appeals to people of every age, psychographic and demographic.

WOUB is a non-profit organization that relies on individual and business support to continue quality programming and services. A corporate support representative can help you maximize exposure for your business. Your sponsorship is important to the community and the rewards come back to you in the form of loyal customers.

Contact WOUB’s corporate support representatives to find the best way your business can benefit from underwriting programs on WOUB.

Kathy Malesick
Director of Corporate Support

Loring Lovett
Corporate Support representative
or call 740-597-3070