Audio: A Christmas Carol and Gift of the Magi

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Listen to the all time classic Christmas tale A Christmas Carol, produced by WOUB Public Media.

Joe Balding – Scrooge, Choir
Amanda Bosley – Scrooge’s Sister
Marvin Bowman – First Businessman
Christian Chan – Peter Cratchit, Soloist
Karen M. Chan – Narrator, Director
Christopher Coleman – Ghost of Christmas Present, Choir, Soloist
Christina Dalesandry – Mrs. Cratchit
Kit DeBerry – Artist
Patricia Elisar – The Charwoman
Matthew Gabel – Audio Assistant
Bryan Gibson – Third Businessman
Steve Haskins – Marley’s Ghost, Old Joe
Kevin S. Kunz – Fred, Choir, Soloist
David Kurz – Belle’s Husband, Producer
Rachel Luce – Cratchit Child
Ron Luce – Bob Cratchit
Nicki Mazzocca – Mrs. Fezziwig
Yoko Mori Harpist – (Koto), Sound Designer
Christine Neumann – Party Guest, Choir
Randy Norris – Audio Engineer
Leslie Palumbo – Niece, Choir
Nikos Pappas – Fiddler
Laura Parrotti – The Laundress, Mrs. Dilber
Rebekah Roediger – Cratchit Child
Thaddaeus Roediger – Tiny Tim
Tawna Rogers – Niece, Sister, Choir
Christina Salerno – Belle
Tim Sharp Fourth – Businessman
Kerry Sill – Ghost of Christmas Past
Nick Sill – Turkey Boy
Terrence J. Smith – Fezziwig
Jessica Street – Martha
Linda Watkins – Plump Sister, Choir
David Whealey – Second Businessman

Also, listen to an audio performance of Gift of the Magi