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A Journey Of Pain And Beauty: On Becoming Transgender In India

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 7:12 pm

Abhina Aher is a member of the country's storied, yet marginalized, transgender community. Last week, the India's highest court legally recognized the group as a new gender — neither male nor female.

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Are Democrats Trying To Energize The Base With The Race Card?

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 6:31 pm

Top Democrats have said recently that some GOP opposition to President Obama and his agenda is based on race. It's an explosive message that might drive Democratic voters to the polls.

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In The Land Of Razor Clams, Dinner Hides Deep Within The Sand

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 5:31 pm

Clam-digging satisfies that primeval urge to go out into nature and find free food. And inveterate Washington state clam-diggers admit they compete to get their daily limit of fifteen clams.

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Somalis In Kenya Are Used To Raids, But Say This Was Different

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 5:30 pm

A police sweep after Friday prayers is the latest in a weeks-long crackdown against terrorism. The operations have pulled in thousands of refugees, immigrants and Kenyan citizens of Somali descent.

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Oso Rescue Workers Erect Memorial To Mudslide Victims

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 5:02 pm

Rescuers say they've recovered 39 bodies from the massive March 22 mudslide and are still searching for four others.

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Airbnb To Start Charging Hotel Taxes In A Handful Of Cities

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 5:01 pm

Airbnb and other rental websites have made billions marketing existing housing to tourists — hotel tax free. Soon, Airbnb will start collecting tax in New York City, San Francisco and Portland, Ore.

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One Scientist's Quest To Vanquish Epileptic Seizures

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 4:37 pm

Ivan Soltesz studies epilepsy in mice, but says children with chronic seizures are his inspiration. He's closing in on a way to quell the seizures with light — and without drugs' side effects.

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Disaster On Everest Marks Deadliest Day In Mountain's History

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 4:08 pm

More than 13 Nepalese climbers died while preparing a route on Mount Everest for Western climbers. Grayson Schaffer of Outside Magazine explains that local porters and guides bear the brunt of the danger on these extreme climbs.

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Pipeline Put Off, As Keystone Review Is Indefinitely Extended

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 4:08 pm

It looks as though the "comment period" for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project will be extended, delaying a decision past the November elections.

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Leaflets Given To Donetsk Jews Made Waves Worldwide, But Not In Donetsk

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 3:49 pm

The story of fliers ordering Jews to register with the separatists stoked fears of anti-Semitism. But Jews in the Ukrainian town say the orders aren't real and were intended as political provocation.

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Like Ham? There's A Festival For That In French Basque Country

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 3:49 pm

The port town of Bayonne in France's Basque region is known for its colorful food and culture. And since 1464, its residents have celebrated the remarkable, local cured ham at the springtime Ham Fair.

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Keystone XL Pipeline Review Extended By State Department

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 3:40 pm

Federal agencies are getting more time to review the controversial project, the State Department says, given an ongoing legal battle in Nebraska over whether the pipeline could pass through.

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Captains Uncourageous: Abandoning Ship Long Seen As A Crime

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 3:26 pm

South Korean authorities are seeking to arrest the captain of the ferry that sank on Wednesday. Whenever a captain comes back and passengers don't, it's seen as shameful behavior.

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Salsa Legend Cheo Feliciano Dies

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 3:12 pm

One of the most respected figures in Latin music, the salsa singer had deep roots in both Puerto Rico and New York, where he influenced a younger generation of musicians.

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Japan Says It Will Temporarily Scale Back Whale Hunt

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 2:02 pm

After a U.N. court ruling last month ordering Japan to halt whaling in Antarctic waters, Tokyo said it was reducing its target catch to just 210 animals.

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Hunting For The Tastiest Egg: Duck, Goose, Chicken Or Quail?

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 1:55 pm

We hard-boiled them. We donned blindfolds. And we chowed down. In our eggsperiment, can you guess which bird prevailed in the ultimate showdown of duck vs. chicken?

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Why Scott Walker Is Looking Beyond His Fan Base

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 1:27 pm

Governors in both parties routinely run for re-election while keeping coy about the White House. But there's no question what's on the Wisconsin governor's mind, long-term.

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Pot Smoke And Mirrors: Vaporizer Pens Hide Marijuana Use

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 12:29 pm

Odorless and discreet, vaporizer pens for pot are growing in popularity. But the devices are a nightmare for parents because they make it hard to know if kids are using marijuana.

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Strong Quake Rattles Mexico, But No Injuries Reported

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 12:13 pm

The magnitude 7.2 temblor's epicenter was about 80 miles northwest of Acapulco, but it shook up residents in the capital, Mexico City.

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Should College Dropouts Be Honored By Their Alma Maters?

Fri, Apr 18, 2014 11:58 am

From a Top Gun sequel starring drones to Howard University's pick of Puff Daddy as its commencement speaker, the Barbershop guys weigh in on the week's news.

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