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EEO Reports

The purpose of WOUB's equal employment opportunity (EEO) Public File Report is to meet and comply with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules for broadcasters and multi-channel video program distributors, which became effective on March 10, 2003. Under the specific EEO program requirements, broadcasters must comply with three key components: (A) outreach/recruitment, (B) recordkeeping and reporting, and (C) self-analysis of EEO efforts.

The FCC has established a three-pronged outreach and recruitment requirement. Prong 1 requires broadcasters to recruit for all full-time vacancies and widely disseminate information concerning each full-time vacancy. Prong 2 requires broadcasters to provide notification of all full-time job vacancies to organizations who request such notifications. Prong 3 requires broadcasters to engage in a certain number of longer-term recruitment initiatives from a "menu" of options, depending on the size of the station employment unit. WOUB is required to engage in four recruitment initiatives over a two-year period.

Link to WOUB's latest EEO filing is below.

For more information about job openings and policies at Ohio University, visit the university's office of Human Resources.