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The Start Talking program is a sign of hope for families who have lost loved ones due to drug abuse


A warm up in sight for this weekend


First-year medical students' first patients provide a unique learning experience


A federal judge has struck down Ohio's law barring people from knowingly or recklessly making false statements about candidates.
U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black in Cincinnati on ruled Thursday the Ohio law is unconstitutional.
Authorities say they have apprehended the convicted killer of three Ohio students who escaped from a prison.

The Interfaith Peace Walk brought together more than 150 Athens residents and Ohio University students to memorialize the September 11th terrorist attacks and to pursue peace among different groups.

On the lawn of the Ohio Statehouse, passersby pause to reflect on the 13th Anniversary of 9/11.

Here are the sights and sounds from Columbus.

With the recent police shooting and protest in Ferguson, Missouri, people across the country are speaking out.

Here in Athens, Students for Law, Justice and Culture are discussing the topic in the "Racism, Policing and Struggles for Justice in Ferguson" panel.

Traditional bake sales are not something the Clean and Safe Halloween Committee is interested in to gain donations for added Halloween safety and security. Instead, they will use the pies to push into faces.

Ohio Department Of Transportation News Release -

Ohio soccer coach Aaron Rodgers believes his team is primed to compete with the top teams in the Mid-American Conference this season. Showcase reporter Matthew Doyle talks with Rodgers and the players to learn the meaning behind #ItIsTime.

Policies allowing students to earn college credit in high school have been approved for 32 county school systems.
The West Virginia Board of Education approved the counties' dual credit policies on Wednesday.

The four Ohio University students arrested during a Student Senate meeting entered pleas of not guilty Thursday in Athens County Municipal Court.