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Teen motivated to join after seeing television news coverage

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Regulators say small children can open up and crawl inside the bags
Utility says its receiving reports of customers getting phone calls demanding payment over the phone


Half-hour nightly television news program
Both sides taking to social media to give a first hand perspective to violence



Issue of HIV/AIDS still looms large over gay community


Transportation officials are spending $1.5 million to scrape the rock face of a cliff along a state highway in Muskingum County to keep rocks from falling onto the roadway.

The alleged supplier of the drug ring in Glouster will have to pay $12 million to get out of jail on bond - four times the amount of profit prosecutors say he made from selling oxycodon in Athens County.

The locavore life was in full swing Saturday on the streets of downtown Athens.

Table after cloth-covered table at the Bounty on the Bricks event was filled with hungry attendees who were waiting to see what Master Chef Alfonso Constriciani of Hocking College had cooked up.

Ohio school officials say the late release of district report cards due to winter weather is inconvenient as teachers and administrators prepare for the new school year.

A legislative summer committee on Ohio's drug epidemic plans four meetings in August and September to hear testimony from state agencies, law enforcement and the public.

A state agency is turning a southern Ohio highway median into a honeybee paradise in an effort to create habitats for a bee population that has been declining in recent years.

A federal judge in Ohio plans to hear arguments on when voters can cast an early ballot in the presidential battleground state.

Marshall University is hosting a forum on creating a new vision for public education in West Virginia.

The forum is scheduled for Monday.

Ohio's attorney general says authorities have rescued three women believed to be human trafficking victims and arrested a man in southeastern Ohio on multiple charges.

West Virginia officials are reminding tank owners to register their aboveground storage tanks with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

Tank registration is required by Oct. 1.