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Address Confidentiality Bill would shield location of victims, while empowering them to vote

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Wednesday night meeting had an increased police presence
Council can't decide on how to word the ordinance to keep trash bins out of sight.


Half-hour nightly television news program
The Start Talking program is a sign of hope for families who have lost loved ones due to drug abuse


A clear and warm Saturday, but a chance for rain and thunderstorms to follow


First-year medical students' first patients provide a unique learning experience


Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin is planning administrative fixes instead of a special session to adjust a law regulating aboveground storage tanks.

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Hundreds are being sent to the ICU after being infected with a new virus.

A bankruptcy judge is concerned that a chemical company may abandon the site of a massive January spill without cleaning it up.

Judge Ronald Pearson expressed the concern in an order filed Friday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Charleston.

Perry County Court Judge Dean Wilson is facing OVI and hit/skip charges following a Sunday evening accident involving a Columbus city bus.

An Ohio man who uses a biblical reference and a statement against "poisoned waters" on billboards near two wells for disposal of gas-drilling wastewater says the messages are coming down.

Ohio's top law enforcement official wants grandparents to be wary of calls to help grandchildren.
More than $170 worth of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters have been tossed into two county-owned fountains in Wood County over the past two years.
People who live in the 740 area code will have to dial 10 numbers for local calls next year as a new area code is established.

There’s a new member coming to the Ohio University Police Department, and he’s alr

A recent study that showed Athens County having the highest percentage of low-to-moderate income residents in the entire state is deeply affected by the city of Athens being the home of Ohio University.