Warren Could Be Last Roadblock for Jackson

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The Jackson Ironmen have been storming through their schedule to start of the season. They’re 4-0, and their closest test thus far has been against Logan, which they won by 17 points.


Now, your loyal SEOAL reporters had been touting the Chieftains-Ironmen game as the Game of the Year in the SEOAL, and the game that could decide the conference. Perhaps, we jumped the gun a little bit.


The Warren Warriors are the best team nobody’s talking about in the SEOAL right now. They’ve posted a 3-1 record, an average of 34 points per game, and in their sole loss, against Athens last week, they gave the Bulldogs more than a run for their money.


Dylan Leffingwell has been slinging the ball, and he’s looking like the best true quarterback in the conference. Before Jackson fans jump down my throat, let me clarify. I said true quarterback. Austin Osborne is obviously a stud, and could be a player of the year candidate, but he’s still a running quarterback at heart.


The Warrior O-Line will have to protect him against Jackson Coach Andy Hall’s wide range of defensive looks. Hall brings the heat defensively (His time spent with Rex Ryan probably didn’t hurt,) and his team speed in conjunction with the scheme makes for a lot of collapsed pockets and terrified QBs.


It’s not like the Ironmen haven’t played studs at the QB spot this year. They rocked DI prospect Jaylen Prater in week 1. However, Leffingwell is a different animal. If they give him time, this kid is capable of making the Ironmen pay for their aggression.


I’m not saying the Warriors will beat these Ironmen; In fact, I’m picking Jackson. But, as far as the matchups go, this Warren team has one of the best chances of any remaining SEOAL teams to knock Jackson off their path to an undefeated season.