Update: School Bus Video Shows Proper Procedure At Time Of Accident

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Paint Valley Local Schools Superintendent Gary Uhrig says students involved in yesterday’s bus accident only sustained minor injuries because they were following safety procedures.

Uhrig says he reviewed the school bus video after the accident. “There was no one in the aisle. They were all seated. It appears that the kids did everything right and that the bus driver did everything right. Before completing our total review I can’t think of any changes we will have to make,” he said.
Ross County Sheriff’s deputies say the driver of the other vehicle,  James Hill of Bainbridge, died yesterday afternoon after colliding with the bus.
At least 11 students were taken to hospitals while about two dozen other students were returned to their school on a different bus and released to their parents.
The bus was traveling from a kindergarten through 12th-grade facility.
Out of the 37 students on the bus, six were absent from school today.
Uhrig says all the students injured in the accident were released from the hospital last night.