Campus Kicks Brings Fashion to Campus

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Without a car, it is difficult to stay on top of the latest trends while living in Athens. The closest mall, Grand Central Mall, which is the closest mall to Athens, is 43.5 miles away.

From Timberland boots to SB Dunks, from Polo Ralph Lauren Jackets to Throwback Jerseys, from Mitchell and Ness Snap-Backs to Ray Band sun glasses, items that used to be an hour drive away can now be found on campus at Campus Kicks.

 Located inside the Chop Shop on Court Street, Campus Kicks carries numerous lines of clothing, shoes, hats and other apparel.

Co-founders Vincent Reeder, David Hirsch and Michael Laplaca all agree that shopping for clothes shouldn’t be another way to crowd an already busy schedule.

Their mission is simple: deliver the latest fashion to Ohio University with the convenience of its students in mind.

“We pretty much got tired of having to spend all that gas money and having to drive over to a place to get something and than having to drive all the way back,”said Reeder.

In fact, they promise to deliver the gear you order right to your doorstep.

Campus Kicks also offers OU students a chance to dress up their resumes.

“The thing that is amazing about Campus Kicks is that it is students,” said Laplaca. “It’s not like some random corporation came down and said your going to do work and this is what we are going to do.”

Campus Kicks jobs are available for all types of majors from video production to marketing.