Athens Man Inducted Into Ohio Veterans Hall Of Fame

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Gifford Doxsee of Athens is now a member of the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame.

Doxsee was inducted yesterday.

He called it an honor and said he was pleased but he downplayed his service in the Army in World War Two.

"The entire society was involved.  Those who were not in uniform were still playing a role either because they were working in the industry manufacturing weapons or just ordinary people," says Doxee. "We gasoline rations for example.  The United States in World War Two was the leading exporter of oil in the world and yet the civilians could only have three gallons of gasoline a week.  Imagine how you would get along today if you could only have three gallons a week.  Everbody was playing a role.  I was simply part of a generation that served and this was something expected of all of us.  We didn't question our obligations.  We just went ahead and did it."

Doxsee was in the Army for two years.

Five months of that time was spent as a prisoner of war.

Doxsee returned from the war and earned a doctorate at Harvard University.

Democrat 92nd District State Represenative Debbie Phillips congratulated Doxsee.

“Dr. Doxsee is an exemplary citizen who has spent his life serving his local community in addition to serving his country overseas,” says Rep. Phillips.  “I want to congratulate him on his induction into the Veterans Hall of Fame, which is a well-deserved honor.”

Doxsee is a retired Ohio University history professor.

These days he spends much of his time volunteering and he talked about that with WOUB's Kelsey Borza.

"Well, first of all I don't do the same things now that I had done since I retired.  Over time my interests changed.  Right now, I'm involved with three principle organizations.  One is the Good Works Homeless Shelter here in Athens." says Doxsee. "I had heard and read, before I retired, about some people who had made no plans at all for retirement and when they retired that had nothing to do suddenly.  One day they were working full-time and the next day they were without responsibilities.  They sat on their rocking chair on their porch and read or rested and many of them didn't live six months.  I felt by volunteering I would be making a contribution to society and very likely it would prolong my life and I'm sure it has."

Doxsee is also a founding member of the Athens County Historical Society and Museum.

In May of 2011, he was inducted into the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame.

The Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame was created by Governor George Voinovich in 1992.

He acted "to demonstrate his concern for Ohio veterans returning home due to military downsizing as a result of the end of the Cold War."

It was also established "to recognize the post-military achievements of outstanding veterans."