Federal Hocking Boys Preview: Lancers Confident with Caldwell

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There is a different feeling on State Route 144.

Amidst the vast array of farm land that lines the road, one can almost sense that something is different. All it takes is one step into the gym of Federal Hocking High School to realize just how different it truly is.

New head coach Howie Caldwell has brought with him a new system, a new staff, and, most importantly, a new attitude. He is a man who radiates confidence, and his basketball knowledge is second to none. It’s obvious as his team has bought in to his beliefs. This team echoed their belief that they are the most talented team in the TVC on multiple occasions. 

Regardless of whether or not they truly are the most talented team, they are surely one of the biggest. Three of their players stand over 6’ 9”, although they aren’t listed that way on the roster. It’s almost a given that they will look to use their height to their advantage, setting the ball up on the perimeter and working it into the post for higher percentage shots.

Caldwell has also put a new emphasis on hustle. The team is expected to give maximum effort in everything that they do on the court, whether it be running to drills or working hard in the drills. He also puts added importance on free throws, as every practice begins with the team shooting from the stripe.

The Lancers are looking to force turnovers and score in transition. This relies on good defense and solid ball pressure, another point of focus in Caldwell’s system.

Only time will truly tell how this changing of the guard in Stewart will pan out. Regardless of the results, this Lancer squad has a new swagger about them. A sense of confidence has fallen over Fed Hock. This team truly believes in their ability to win the TVC and make a deep run into the postseason. 

If that is the case, then Lancer Nation surely won’t be disappointed.