Early Morning Meth Lab Busts Brings Year’s Total To 10

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Two early morning meth lab discoveries bring the total to 10 meth lab busts for the Pike County sheriff's office this year.

According to Sheriff Richard Henderson, deputies uncovered two separate methamphetamine production operations, resulting in five arrests on felony drug charges.
Deputy Phillip Hopper found one lab around 1:30 this morning in a vehicle on Owl Creek Road and Hunting Run Road.
Nathaniel Waller, 35, of Beaver, Donald Entler, 28, of Waverly, Christina Gleason, 26, of Piketon and Ashley Federici, 21, of Waverly were arrested and charged with illegal manufacture of methamphetamine.
Less than three hours later, Deputy Earl Swepston found another meth lab in a house on Germany Road in Beaver around 4 o'clock this morning.
Franklin Taylor II was arrested and chaged with illegal manufacture of methamphetamine.
All five people arrested are in the Scioto County jail pending arraignment.