Help Offered To Southeast Ohio Foreclosure Scam Victims

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The process of foreclosure can be devastating for a homeowner, but to fall victim to foreclosure help scam can make the situation a nightmare. Victims of foreclosure fraud now have a regional resource to help them.

Southeastern Ohio Legal Services recently received grant money awarded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to work with victims. It's part of the state's Save the Dream program.
Melissa Benson, an attorney with the agency, says the grant is $76,000 and lasts through October. Her main concern is how many people don't understand that Ohio offers free help in foreclosure. "You know if it's too good to be true, then it's not something you want to look at and you want to be wary.  There's enough free help in Ohio that you shouldn't have to pay to have your home saved," said Benson.
She says there is no one specific type of scam, but rather a growing list of different deceptions. "We'll see people that try to pretend to be parts of government pograms that are out there that are supposed to be assisting people, HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program), or the state program, Restoring Stability. Now that they have the independent foreclosure reviews that are happening, we're starting to see some scams based on that as well.  There's a great variety of scames out there."
The Southeastern Ohio Legal Services has nine offices and offers services to residents in 30 counties.