Using Apps For Disability Therapy

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If you are helping a family member with autism with their disability therapy, there’s an app for that.

The Washington County Board of Developmental Disabilities is co-hosting a lecture called “A Spectrum Of App For Those On The Autism Spectrum”.
The lecture will focus on the resources available to those with a wide range of disabilities through modern technology like iPads, iPhones and tablets.
Ginger O’Connor, Director of Early Childhood and Therapy, says using apps is changing current therapies.
“It is changing the world. It’s providing support. People with disabilities need a lot of different types of support and some of those are coming through the form of apps. There’s apps that have schedules on them so that the child or individual can look at their picture schedule that appears on their iPod or iPad and it’s all in order on the app because it’s been built for them. So it’s a visual support. The apps are also auditory so not only is the individual getting a visual support, they’re getting an auditory support,” said O’Connor.
O’Connor says she thinks it is important for their organization to keep up with what is happening so it can always provide what is best for people with disabilities.
The lecture will be held March 1 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Marietta College McDonough Leadership Center.