Ohio University Lancaster To Celebrate Women

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Ohio University Lancaster is hosting a one day conference to appreciate women in the community.

Celebrate Women is an all-day event with 30 guest speakers, vendors, and luncheon.
It is being held in conjunction with women's history month and is meant to honor women from the past and present.
Pamela Kaylor, professor of Communication, is in charge of the event and she says it is centered around helping the community.
"The mission statement of Celebrate Women is really geared around giving back to the community and bridging that gap between university, community, and local businesses. So it really does serve as our giving back to the community," said Kaylor.
Kaylor says this event is important because women's right is a vital importance to society.
"Right now, in the political climate, we see that women's issues are at the center of a lot of the disagreement. So we need to promote women and we need to recognize their accomplishments," said Kaylor.
Kaylor says the university is celebrating women from the past and present hoping to promote future accomplishments.
The conference will be held tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Ohio University Lancaster.