Hocking College Board Of Trustees To Discuss Leasing Options For Drilling

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The Hocking College Board of Trustees will discuss the possibility of leasing college land for oil and gas drilling at their meeting Tuesday night.

Mike Brooks, board chairman, said the college has put together a shale gas development task force to weigh the pros and cons of new drilling which could involve hydraulic facturing.

He said he thinks the college has always used the natural resources they own in the best way they can, and said the task force is currently trying to decide whether fracking would help or hinder the college.

"As an owner of 1200 acres and a college that is struggling financially, we need to look at everything that's available to us, and as a college that is accustomed to being good stewards of the environment and natural resources, but using those natural resources for the benefits of the students and the community," said Brooks.

The task force has been studying fracking for almost eight weeks, and Brooks hopes they will be able to make a decision on the issue this summer.