Marietta Fire Hydrants To Receive Color Coded Makeover

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Fire hydrants in the City of Marietta will soon be getting a new paint job.

The Marietta Fire Department says it is partnering with the Marietta Municipal Court this summer to receive some much-needed assistance from people who've been ordered by the court to complete community service hours.  

C.W. Durham, Marietta fire chief, said fire hydrants in the city will be repainted to match color codes provided by the National Fire Protection Association. The codes indicate the gallons per minute that each hydrant can provide.   

"[The regulated colors] can indicate to any firefighter from any area when they pull up to that fire hydrant how much approximate water flow it gives," said Durham.

Durham said this is important information for first responders to know when arriving at a fire scene.

"If we have two hydrants in close proximity, we can choose the one with the better water flow. It also indicates to us and our pump operators controlling the water flow at a large fire. If they only have a single source hydrant, they can determine by that flow if they need to start considering additional water from a different location," explained Durham.

With the help of volunteers from the judicial system, Durham said the fire department hopes to have all of Marietta's 730 fire hydrants painted by this summer.