Bi-Weekly Marietta Newspaper Celebrates Success

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At a time when print media is thought to be dying, The Anchor is now in its third year of publication.

The Anchor is a bi-weekly tabloid in Marietta that exclusively features local talent.

Anchor editor Callie Lyons says the newspaper staff prides themselves on diversity.

"Our interest is Marietta, all of our writers are from Marietta, we don't use a wire service or anything like that and we have quite the array of writers, from a 5th grade columnist to a retired riverboat captain. We pride ourselves on diversity and featuring the best of our community" says Lyons.

The Anchor features its own signature comic strip, "Three Men in a Boat," by James Maddox and an exclusive contest titled "Look Up!"

Lyons says even though most newspapers are ending, The Anchor has a lot to offer.

"Newspapers have really suffered a lot, we've seen them just drop off like flies in the past few years because of the internet, 24-hour news cycles, but there are things that small independent newspapers can offer the world that nobody else can. We all know that the best information is closest to the source and nobody is closer than your trusted hometown news reporter" says Lyons.

According to Lyons The Anchor has significantly grown in size.

"We started basically as a hobby, we were a part-time employment for three people and now we have seven full-time employees and many, many more part-timers" says Lyons.

Lyons says The Anchor also has a website, but it is only used for breaking news and is a complement to the print edition.

The Anchor circulates every other Wednesday at more than 100 locations in Marietta.