Sheriff’s Dept. Believes Body May Be Missing Proctorville Man

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The family of a missing man has been desperate for weeks to find him, but their search for answers is far from over.

A body found was found along the Ohio River Sunday evening. 
Although authorities haven't officially confirmed it yet, they feel strongly it's a man from Proctorville, Ohio, who went missing three weeks ago.
The big question for weeks has been "Where is James Alan Lawson?"
His wife, Paula Lawson, told police she last saw her husband on the morning of April 28 when he left their home in Proctorville to check on a rental property they own in Ironton.
He was also supposed to meet the potential buyer of a car he was selling. 
That never happened either, the potential buyer told police.
Five days after he went missing, Lawson's car was found in the parking lot of a baseball field along James River Road in Huntington.
Since then, there were no breaks in the case until about 6 p.m. Sunday when a woman walking along the Ohio River in Glenwood found a body.
The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department says at this point they feel strongly it's Lawson. 
They say the body appears to have been there for some time. 
The body was sent to the West Virginia Medical Examiner's office for confirmation of identity.
The Huntington Police Department, West Virginia State Police and the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office are investigating.
Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless says they're still working to determine the cause of death.