Former HAPCAP Director Honored For Dedication To Region

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Poverty in Southeast Ohio is not a new problem and the United Campus Ministries recognizes an individual each year who has served as an advocate for impoverished people in the region.

Bob Garbo received the Kuhre Griesinger Lifetime Achievement Award this year for his work in the region since the 1960's.
Garbo started as an Americorps VISTA volunteer.
He says he spent his career listening to Appalachian residents and gaining information about services that they needed.
Garbo also worked to establish a food bank in Logan.
He says a lot has changed since he started, but the goals have stayed the same.
"It's focus has changed some, but the whole world's focus has changed some," said Garbo. "In the 60's and 70's, there was a lot of change and a lot of radical movements that were going on and currently, the VISTA program has, I would say, tamed somewhat.  It isn't that it's not important, it's just tamed somewhat, because federal dollars are not going to be used for that type of activity anymore."
Garbo worked for Hocking Athens Perry Community Action (HAPCAP) for 38 years, before his recent retirement.