Ohio Trees Weakened By Pests And Insects

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With every passing month, it seems like another insect or pest threatens Ohio trees.

Many think it's difficult to recognize when their trees are being threatened by insects or pests, but Ann Bonner, an urban forester at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, says identifying sick trees is easier than a person might think.

"Trees will give us some signs. A lot of times they will get thin on the top. Maybe their leaves will be smaller than normal, um, they might be off color. It's just that something is a little bit off. When you're in doubt, ask a professional," said Bonner.

Bonner says ODNR has noticed an increase in the number of Ohio trees that are weakened by pesticides.

"We're also dealing with many pests and diseases that have come here from other places and we call those invasive exotic species. Just this spring we found the hemlock woolly adelgid and hemlock tree both in Meigs County and Washington County so the state and federal officials are right now figuring out where those trees are and coming up with a plan to help communities deal with them."

Bonner says other tree pests found in the state include anthracnose, the gypsy moth, the Japanese beetle and the emerald ash borer.

Anyone who discovers a new pest is encouraged to call local foresters in the area.

"There aren't a lot of us, but we rely on educated people and concerned citizens. So often times these pests are found by people who simply find something unusual in their trees in their backyard," she said.