New $3 Waste Fee Being Implemented

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A new fee is going into effect for residents of Athens and Hocking counties.

This "Generation Fee" will go to the Athens Hocking Solid Waste District.

"The operators will be required to start collecting the recent change in the generation fee, which is $3 per ton, effective August 1," says Athens Hocking Solid Waste District Coordinator Roger Bail.

Bail says letters have just been sent out notifying solid waste faclity operators which accept trash and garbage from the two counties.

He says revenues from the Generation Fee, expected to be about $200,000 a year,  will be used to implement the newly-approved solid waste management plan, which includes efforts to increase recycling in the district.

Bail says it's unclear whether waste haulers will pass along any or all of the three-dollar fee to their customers.

He says "Each hauler that provides services, it would be up to their discretion."

The new management plan for the Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District was approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency on June 14th.