Fairfield Co. Village Residents Asked To Restrict Water Use

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Leaders in one Fairfield County village are asking residents to restrict their water use as the area struggles with drought conditions.

Fiscal Officer Carrie Ayers says the village of Amanda has not had significant rainfall since May.
Three wells support the water needs for the village's population of about 800 people.
Ayers says the restrictions begin Monday and will last until the water and sewer superintendent decides there's been enough rain.
"We have not had any significant rain, so we're really not running out of water, so we're trying to conserve it because the school is going to be coming online pretty soon and with no water in the forecast and no rain that we've had all summer long, you know we're not expecting any, so we want to make sure we don't end up with a problem where we can't supply it to our residents," said Ayers.
Residents can water their lawns on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., but are asked to hold off on other water activities.
"It's just the extra stuff like the filling of your pool, the washing of your car, powerwashing your house or spraying off your patios, things like that, that gets wasted and just goes down the storm sewer," said Ayers.  "I mean, we don't mind somebody watering their lawns because if you look through the community, the only thing we have is yellow grass, dead grass." 
Ayers says the water limits are voluntary right now, but if people don't comply and the water level dips, the village will consider making them mandatory.
Village officials have only just started posting notices around town to let people know about the restrictions, but Ayers says so far, people seem unaffected.
"We've had a few people say 'hey, we don't water our lawns' so it's not going to impact them much, so we'll see," she said.