McDavis To Discuss “Ohio For Ohio” Plan

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Ohio University leaders are putting the finishing touches on a proposal of ways to link the university to the state's economic progress.

President Roderick McDavis says the "Ohio for Ohio" plan is underway and will be presented to the board of trustees on Friday.
"There are six parts to this plan and what we're really trying to do is to take Ohio University and make it have a positive impact even more so for the state through its faculty, staff and students," says McDavis.
According to a letter to faculty and staff from McDavis, the trustees will explore the benefits of a $100 Million Investment Plan.
McDavis says the plan will provide one-time funds for academic.
The investment plan takes current money in reserves and invests it in faculty, academic programs and new academic initiatives. 
"A significant part of the plan and the $100 million investment talks about lifting the academic quality of Ohio University to a higher level. So, the immediate impact that students will see over a short period of time, is an increase in the academic quality and that bodes well for students in their programs in terms of the academic quality of their degrees," said McDavis.
Another strategy item is the total compensation plan, which will review faculty and staff pay to create a competitive plan.
McDavis says reviewing employee compensation is critically important.
"Our university is all about people: it's about our faculty, it's about our staff. How do we keep the best and brightest? And how do we recruit the best and brightest? Our feeling is we have to look at our compensation plans for both faculty, staff and work to improve those going forward," said McDavis.
The next step is to talk over the different parts of the plan with the trustees.
McDavis says they will discuss the items on Friday, then eventually talk on campus. Other points of discussion include a strategic enrollment plan, a capital plan, a residential housing plan amd a technology commercialization plan.
McDavis says he hopes to finalize the plan during this academic year.