OSBA Predicts Problems If Redistricting Amendment Passes

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The Ohio State Bar Association is opposing passage of Ohio's Redistricting Amendment.

In a statement on OSBA's website, the group said it's concerned about moving the judiciary from a body that reviews such a process to one that creates it.

"The proper role for the judiciary is not to develop any redistricting plan, but rather to review such plans should they be challenged in court."

Even though the organization opposes the judiciary's involvement, the statement said it takes no position on the concept of a redistricting amendment.

"While the OSBA takes no position on the merits of the proposed constitutional amendment on redistricting (i.e., we take no position on whether the legislature, the Apportionment Board, the commission or any other entity should draw congressional district and state general assembly lines)," the statement said.

" …we have deep concerns about requiring judges of Ohio's Courts of Appeal to vet and appoint commission members, and the proposed amendment's attempt to force the Supreme Court of Ohio, or any court, to select a proposed commission plan."

The statement attacked the plan saying it undermines the constitutional doctrine of the separation of powers, improperly involves the court in political activity and places the judges involved in a potential position of a conflict should the proposal become law,