Dead Funny: Athens Artist Digs Up Laughs, Zombies In New Book

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Just in time for Halloween, Athens native and comic book artist/author Steve Richter has a new book, titled Afternoon of the Dead, a humorous take on zombies and horror movies.

This Sunday, he will be holding a book signing at the Athens Book Center, which was chosen for its comfy, rather than creepy, atmosphere.

"It’s just a really nice store that offers more than just books," he said. "There's a comfortable area and we'll have drinks."

Afternoon of the Dead is the third book in Richter’s Neener Neener series and it resurrects characters featured in his previous books.

Richter assures readers that they don’t have to worry about being lost if they haven’t read parts one and two of the series.

"You don’t have to like zombies or care about zombies to like the book," he said, explaining that he's just having fun with the genre.

Richter believes that, despite the horror film references, Afternoon of the Dead can be enjoyed by anyone, even the zombie-averse.

"My mom is very difficult to please. She doesn’t care for zombies," he said. "She read it and laughed all the way through. Everybody that I’ve shown it to loves it. They think it’s really funny."

Richter’s book signing will be held this Sunday, Oct. 28 at 5 p.m. Refreshments will be provided.

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Images courtesy of Steve Richter