Athens City Council Approves Pay Raise And New Budget

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Starting in 2014, members of Athens City Council will make a little more money.

An ordinance passed Monday night gives council members a one percent raise.  The ordinance establishes the salary at $7,537 in 2014.  It goes up to $7,612 dollars annually in 2015.

The president of Athens City Council will make a little more, $9,375 in 2014 and $9,469 the year after.

City Council also approved the 2013 budget during the meeting.

It totals $33.7 million dollars.  That’s ALL the numerous funds maintained by the city.

The General Fund total is $12.7 million.  That’s the account used to run the police and fire departments, the two biggest in terms of personnel costs.

The Athens Police Department budget is $3.5 million.

The Fire Department’s is $3 million.