West Muskingum Board of Education Request Emergency Levy

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The West Muskingum Board of Education is seeking to put a five-year, $5.8 million emergency levy on the ballot this May

The board made the decision after parents and other community members presented it with a petition in January. The Board decided to proceed with the levy request on Tuesday earlier this week after reviewing the district's five-year forecast.

The levy is expected to cost a homeowner with a home value of $100,000, $15 per month

The board citied cuts in state funding of $1.7 million, and pointed out that the West Muskingum school district receives the least funding of all Muskingum county districts, and must rely on property owners because the county is deemed to rich.

According to the board, 84 percent of of their graduates go on to higher education, or military enlistment. The Board says that they need this levy in order to maintain this rate.