Retired Veterinarian Protects Tigers With Non-Profit

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A retired Ohio veterinarian is dedicating his time to saving tiger species that run the risk of becoming extinct.

Dr. Jim Galvin runs the non-profit Midwest Big Cat Care.

He says many tigers are not getting the care that they need to survive, especially those privately owned.

Big Cat Care currently houses four large tigers on 120 acres that Galvin owns and operates.

Galvin says John Kasich's 2012 exotic animals regulations might mean many current owners won't be able to provide the care these animals need.

"My concern is, where are they going with these cats? Most of the sanctuaries I know of are overflowing," said Galvin.

Big Cat Care hopes to one day be an entire sanctuary, a plan that Galvin fears will be hampered by legislation

"Volunteers are certainly a big help to me, not only for the cats but for the 120 acres that I have. Money is a big problem, and I've as much of my retirement fund as I can possibly do at this point," said Galvin.

Galvin himself has invested $40,000 into the housing cats.